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Fitness Plan Outline
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One of Four reasons why YOU SHOULD NOT SHOP from us: • You have omitted meat from your daily diet • You do not have the time to committed to daily exercise • You have perfect physical and mental health • You have no STRESS related addictions to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sex, or food

One of Four reasons why YOU SHOULD SHOP from us: • The Beef Jerky Personal Fitness Plan™ identifies the healthiest combination of vitamins, minerals, and tonics needed to successfully combat the force of daily STRESS on consumer’s mind and body • This personal fitness plan advocates the very best timetable for the consumer’s daily meals consumption in order to gain optimum nutritional value; avoiding the need to over eat • The Beef Jerky Personal Fitness Plan™ is an excellent solution for the symptoms of excess weight (fatty stomach, low energy, high blood-pressure) • Best of all, the Beef Jerky Personal Fitness Plan™ empowers the consumer with an innovative blend of beef designed to supplement the consumer’s oxygen supply in order to promote the growth of neurons; extra water to promote vitality; and increased energy to promote youthful strength and stamina.

The Beef Jerky Personal Fitness Plan™ IS NOT A DIET PLAN. This personal fitness outline IS AN ANTI-STRESS PROTOCOL AND NUTRITION ADD-ON! It was written with the health conscious consumer in mind!

It seems like there are dozens of reasons to exercise. The most fashionable ones are to lose weight, to increase muscle tone, and to improve the heart and lungs. When consumers exercise repeatedly, their metabolism goes up and stress goes down. They look and feel better, sleep better and they may even live longer!

Get your body in peak condition with the Beef Jerky Personal Fitness Plan™; an innovative nutrition add-on program that will energize the consumer’s body and help the consumer to burn more calories so the consumer can have that lean, ripped, head-turning body that exercise enthusiasts strive to achieve!

Finally, the time is now for consumers to transcend that old world business paradigm of the 70’s and 80’s. Here in America, the corporations would purchase valuable fitness information and hoard it from consumers. After processing (dehydrate it, crush it into pills, added preservatives for stock piling) the information into marketable products for consumer consumption, the product’s authentic quality and strength would often be reduced too as little as %65. American consumers often became dependant on the corporate world for continued purchase. In today’s internet driven market, the most innovative personal fitness information can now be disseminated directly to the consumer and the consumer is free to use that information to assemble a more potent and personalized fitness plan; America's Beef Jerky Personal Fitness Plan™.